Cultural identity of Southwark

Southwark's history as a city in it's own right and a destination terminus for visitors to London mark the borough out from other parts of the capital. For example, the old coaching inns (of which The George is the only partially existing example) provided respite and entertainment for travellers visting the City of London, who had to cross the river via London Bridge and starting points for prilgrimages to Canterbury Cathedral, as chronicled in THE CANTERBURY TALES by Geoffrey Chaucer. 

Running a cultural programme of innovation and restoration could regenerate impoverished parts of the borough by reclaiming local identity through shared history and re-establishing pride in living in areas of nationally important heritage. 

Why the contribution is important

Cultural frames of reference are important for establishing a brand for the borough that is useful for marketing and fund-raising at many levels (e.g. tourism; national politics; local government)

by Chris24Norris on December 13, 2021 at 10:22AM

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