Strategies for Business Growth

The pandemic has affected businesses in various ways, and it has helped any business who plans for growth to think differently. 

I think there should be a link of Southwark website where new startup or old businesses can register to benefit from free training, and where they can have some set of tasks to help test their knowledge. 

The areas of interest should cover; 

1. Writing a business plan,

2. Getting businesses online and pointers to help improve the seo. 
3. bookkeeping and paying taxes 

4. marketing strategies training  

5. Product offering 

6. planning for growth 

7. Funding options 

8. Employability etc


It will be nice if the council build a local platform where business can easily see each other without having to go through sharks to see them. 





Why the contribution is important

My idea is important because it will help to breed healthier businesses in the Borough with vast knowledge in the business areas of  interests. Based on facts, healthier businesses can equally help to reduce crimes.

This will inturn generate employment opportunities, and newer solutions will come to life with this strategies. 

Having the right expertise in the choice of business will help to build a sustainable business with the right trajectory for growth. 

Ultimately, the government will be the greatest benefactor, as there will be more people coming off the benefits register, and more people will be paying tax as a result of gainful employment.  

by bezaleel on November 26, 2021 at 02:19PM

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  • Posted by RichardKalmar November 29, 2021 at 12:57

    As a managing director of a leading firm of a local estate agents and a chair of Southwark Chamber of Commerce for 6 years, I am well placed to comment on business requirements and have the following observations:

    1. With the advent of Covid and working from home the use of offices in Southwark has been severely impacted and it is likely that on a long-term basis the working from home model will result in a large amount of office space becoming surplus in Southwark. The employment within these offices represents a huge part of Southwark’s economy both directly and indirectly. To address the above it is even more important than ever for Southwark to actively promote itself and in particular I suggest:
    • A website encouraging both tourism and inward investment.
    • True support for Southwark chamber of commerce so that it acts as a coordinated body knitting together the good work that the BIDS are doing in the borough, but the problem with them is that they are only focused on their own area not coordinated on a Southwark basis.
    • It is a sensitive topic but there has been a strong growth in the ethnic groups including for example the concentration of South Americans around the Elephant and Caste. More could be done to identify the common issues and provide appropriate support.
    2. Wearing my property hat the Planning system at the council is slow and unwieldy and stultifies business. One easy win would be to allow developers of large projects to pay for a planning officer at Southwark. Who would only answer to the council but would help to speed up this process that will have a huge payback to the council.
    Happy to discuss any of these points.
  • Posted by Libby_Southwark November 29, 2021 at 16:35

    Hi bezaleel thanks for your helpful suggestions. We’re aiming for the programme of support to offer that type of service with similar topics. Is there anything in particular you think we could do to make sure that people from under-represented groups can get the most from the support? For example, Black businesses or young entrepreneurs?
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